UKTheatreSchool and UKCasting Agency is a Spotlight approved agency.

Spotlight was founded in 1927 and is the UK’s leading casting resource with unrivalled knowledge and contacts at the heart of the industry.

Today, over 60,000 performers appear in Spotlight, including actors and actresses, child artists, presenters, dancers and stunt artists. It’s the best way to market yourself as a performer for professional film, television, stage and commercial work.

Thousands of production companies, broadcasters, ad agencies and independent casting directors use Spotlight as their number one casting resource. Their clients range from large organisations such as the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 to small production companies and individual casting directors.

Spotlight also publishes the handbook Contacts, which is the handbook for anyone working or looking to get started in the UK entertainment industry. It includes listings for over 5,000 companies, services and individuals across all branches of television, stage, film and radio.

UKTheatreSchool students are represented by UKCasting Agency and can choose to be further represented on Spotlight. Spotlight enables members to join at any point throughout the year. For more information on annual Spotlight membership costs, please visit their website. Annual payments are made to Spotlight directly upon completing the Spotlight application form.

UKCasting Agency represents talented children and young people globally in advertising campaigns, theatre, film and television.